Audit & Assurance by ALRMEH Consultants is performed through our highly qualified professionals and associates making sure of the timely examining and results which is equally important.


ALRMEH Consultants is assisting businesses to understand the scope of VAT laws and to provide tailored solutions for their specific business needs. Moreover, our team of VAT experts is ready to serve you in all your tax related matters.


ALRMEH Consultants is currently promoting the use of digital technologies to automate operations and enhance business ability to collect useful information from data simultaneously keeping you updated with all the challenges posed by new and innovative technologies too.


ALRMEH Consultants, besides having expertise and experience necessary to help you with complex financial accounting issues, is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organization and is drawn upon our extensive industry knowledge.


ALRMEH Consultants commits to excel your business by assisting you through the entire life cycle of project management. Furthermore, helping to manage your business through unmatched decision making based on quality and complete information.


ALRMEH Consultants is providing several consulting and training solutions for ISO 9001-2015 quality management system trainings, transition and advisory solutions like.


The actuarial firm is focusing on providing consultancy to clients seeking actuarial services not only in the areas of Employee Benefits (including Pension Schemes) but also Life Insurance, Health Insurance and General Insurance.

Human Resource Management


The long-term success and sustainability of an organization largely depends on the quality of its human resource. In addition, ALRMEH Consultants helps you out in identifying, hiring, retaining and training your staff through innovative policies.


 ALRMEH Consultants is providing comprehensive services with respect to Government dealings. Having our clientele satisfied with our work is the source of our pride and energy which makes us even more determined to give better helping hand each time we serve one.

company formation



We develop strong and lasting client relationship. Currently, we are holding many preferred relationships with industry leading organizations that have relied on us repeatedly for their financial and management services requirements.


We know how important it is that our clients get the best value for money. Our fees is always pre-agreed so our clients know the exact costs of a particular work engagement.


Our team consist of professionals that holds extensive experience, expertise and knowledge which enables them to bring out the best outcome for your required services.


We understand our clients’ business, anticipate their needs, and meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.


We ensure that we deliver best practice. We are liable to protect any personal or confidential business information that is obtained by us during the course of our work engagement.


We design, evaluate and provide complete business solutions from a thorough understanding of your business to benefit your company.


We do not settle for anything but the best, and neither should you when it comes to business and management consultancy. We are always working hard to find the best ways to provide our clients results-oriented and process driven consulting services.

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What you can gain with us



    1What services can I get from Alrmeh Consultants?

    Alrmeh consultants is providing various management and business consultancy services which includes Accounting & Bookkeeping, Value Added Tax, Economic Substance Reporting, Anti-money Laundering services, Corporate Loan Advisory, Tamkeen Programs, Audit & Assurance, ERP accounting software, Digital marketing and various other consultancy services to facilitate our clients.

    2How are your services billed? Flat Fee or Hourly?
    For regular clients, we invoice a flat monthly or quarterly fee. For Project work, billing is based on terms and condition listed on engagement letters.
    3How long has Alrmeh consultants been providing outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services to companies.

    Alrmeh initiated and started its operations in 2017 and has been providing accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and other financial services to companies across the Bahrain, UAE and KSA successfully since the 6 years.

    4How do you ensure that my files and data are completely secure?

    We strictly adhere to our companies’ confidentiality policy, ensuring that data/information obtained during the course of our work engagements is kept confidential and secure.

    5Who will be doing my books?

    At Alrmeh consultants, we assign each monthly or quarterly service client a dedicated Account Manager who oversees the bookkeeping, payroll and other business activities. This person will be your point of contact for any service-related issues.

    6What Does an Audit covers?

    Below is some of the scope which audit covers:

    • Evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls
    • Reviewing the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information
    • Reviewing the fiscal, operational, and administrative operations
    • Reviewing systems established to ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations that could significantly impact operations
    • Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency with which resources are employed
    • Evaluating the accomplishment of established objectives and goals
    7How long does an audit take?
    Audits may last several days or several months and will vary in length depending on an area’s size, complexity, and the specific audit objectives.
    8How is the scope of the engagement determined?

    The scope of the engagement and/or review is determined from one or more of the following:

    • Information collected during a preliminary survey, which includes interviews with the appropriate client personnel
    • Assessment of risk associated with the client’s functions
    • Evaluation of answers received on internal control questionnaires tailored for the assignment
    • Client requests concerning topics, functions and/or time frames

    Sometimes discoveries or events that occur during a project can change the scope of an engagement. If this should happen, the client is notified if the scope changes significantly.

    9Why has Bahrain made economic substance a requirement?
    Every international financial center is being urged to implement substance requirements by the EU and the OECD. The objective is to prevent international businesses from benefiting from different tax laws between countries by artificially transferring profits to jurisdictions that impose little or no income tax.
    10My entity is incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain but does all of its work outside of Bahrain. Do I now need to open an office and hire staff in Bahrain?
    If your entity is engaged in a relevant activity, it must have “Adequate” levels of qualified full-time employees in Bahrain. (MO 106 Article 2c). Otherwise, it will not meet the economic substance requirements.
    11What are the penalties for noncompliance for Economic Substance Reporting?
    The entity may receive written warning notices, get suspended from the commercial registration, or face administrative fines of up to BD1,000 (per day) for first time noncompliance, or BD 2,000 per day thereafter, or striking-off.
    12Will my entity have to meet all of the requirements provided in MO 106 (as per article 3 & 2a) cumulatively to demonstrate substance?
    Yes, an entity must carry on core income generating activities in Bahrain (article 3) and the entity must be directed and managed within Bahrain (article 2a).