• External Audit

Alrmeh consultants through its associates successfully executed numerous external audits. Audit refers to an examination of financial statements conducted by an independent professional. It certifies that the financial statements of an entity give a true & fair view.

Alrmeh consultants provides best external audit services at a very competitive price. Our external audit services are following:

  • An efficient and cost-effective audit.
  • Financial statement audits.
  • Providing compliance opinions.
  • Trust account audits
  • Grant audits.
  • JV audit.
  • Agreed upon procedures

We also highlight potential problems that can assist with risk management, governance and decision-making & also furnish detailed management reports that fully discloses what weakness came across us during the course of audit.

  • Agreed Upon Procedures

Alrmeh consultants offers agreed upon procedures service. it involves a written factual report of findings from a professional accountant’s testing and review. It is different from reporting because we do not issue any opinion. AUP services includes:

  • Due diligence when buying or selling a business.
  • Verifying cash balances.
  • Checking security balances.
  • Income tax provisions.
  • Accounts receivable/payable processes.
  • Special reviews of loan portfolios.
  • Royalty agreements compliance.
  • Employer compliance/payroll audits.
  • Purchasing department compliance.
  • Internal Audit

Alrmeh consultants offers best internal audit services at a very competitive price. Internal auditing is an autonomous, target affirmation and counselling action intended to enhance and improve an association’s tasks. Inner reviewing accomplishes by giving understanding and suggestions dependent on examinations and appraisals of information and business measures.

Our internal audit services include the following:

  • Customized internal audit assignments.
  • Internal control systems review.
  • Design and implementation of internal control systems.
  • Fixed assets management, tagging and valuations Inventory management.
  • Review and development of policy manuals / Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Physical verification of fixed assets, inventories and investments Forensic investigations and reviews.
  • Partners / JV Audits 

A Joint Venture audit is process of conducting independent examination on and review of operator activities, procedures and costs over a defined period of time. Joint venture audit is conducted for the purpose of verifying transactions and resulting charges reflected on the Operator’s joint interest billings.

Alrmeh consultants use the latest audit and control techniques, we offer the following:

  • Audit risk assessment.
  • Specification of audit programmer and scopes.
  • Perform sufficient test checks.
  • Review procedures to assure that the Operator satisfactorily maintains the accounts
    and supporting records
  • The charges and credits are reviewed and considered for reasonableness and proper
    inclusion in the Joint Account.
  • Items considered to have a lack of impact are reviewed on a selective basis.
  • Preparation and distribution of audit reports.
  • Audit follow up and reporting.
  • Financial and Fraud Investigations

A program focusing on the principles and techniques of conducting investigations into financial crime, terrorist activity, and the analysis and use of accounting data as evidence.

Our services related to financial & fraud investigations includes:

  • Fraud prevention and investigation.
  • Corporate integrity and security arrangements reviews.
  • Assessment of loss of profit and earnings claims.
  • Quantification of commercial claims.
  • Valuation of businesses including partner and shareholders disputes.
  • Assessment of matrimonial disputes.
  • Investigation and recommendations in professional negligence claims.
  • Quantification of benefit and available assets in confiscation matters.
  • Royalty and licensing audits.