ARC helps enterprises in formulating effective strategies for optimizing taxes, implementing innovative tax planning and effectively managing compliance. Our professionals have in-depth tax knowledge that is complemented with extensive experience in serving a wide range of clients in various industries.

In modern day business scenario, majority businesses are engaged in international transactions and operations which poses a continuous challenge to manage the impact of multiple and changing tax jurisdiction. We provide comprehensive and sophisticated tax assistance in effectively structuring the impact of global taxation.

Currently, we are offering tax services to our clients in following areas:

INDIRECT TAXATION (VAT) ARC Indirect Tax Practice is your business partner in addressing fiscal challenges through the core value proposition of the strategic management of indirect taxes. We offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all areas of indirect taxes from recently launched Value Added Tax to Customs duties.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on value addition and a multi-point tax, which is levied at every stage of sale. VAT is not just a taxation issue; it spans the entire value addition process. It is collected at the stage of manufacture/resale and contemplates rebating of tax paid on inputs and purchases. It provides a broad tax base and more and more businesses will come in its net. Customs Duty is levied on items imported into Bahrain, various items are exempted from Customs Duty, and at the same time some are levied at higher and lower rates, thus it requires expert advice.

Our advice on VAT will have the following stages:

1. VAT Impact Assessment a. Identifying inward and outward supplies b. Considering the financial impact on client c. Impact on intern-company transactions (group of companies) d. Impact of transactions with Local, GCC and Non-GCC countries e. Impact of transactions with Govt. agencies, charities and other exempt organizations f. Review of IT infrastructure requirements and advice / support on implementation

2. Implementation & Testing

a. Detailed implementation plan

b. Document the change matrix required for implementation

c. Review and advice on amendment of key business contracts

d. Guidance on communication with customers and suppliers

e. VAT training for key personnel and accounting staff

f. VAT registration

3. Post Implementation Support

a. Testing of the implemented system against standards

b. Support for submission of returns