The strategy is designed to empower the private sector and promote the participation of Bahraini talents in this economic growth. At the heart of Tamkeen’s programs and services are initiatives that drive productivity and elevate sustainable growth.

Tamkeen is a semi-governmental organization in Bahrain that aims to enable growth and prosperity for the country and its people. It was established in 2006 with two mandates: To make the private sector the key engine of economic growth. To empower Bahraini talent to be the first choice of employment in the labor market. Tamkeen achieves its mandates by providing a range of support programs, partnerships, and initiatives for both individuals and enterprises.


Tamkeen's individual support programs are designed to help Bahraini citizens and residents develop their skills and knowledge, and to become more productive and competitive in the workforce. Some of the programs offered include: Training and Development Programs: These programs provide Bahrainis with the opportunity to learn new skills or to upgrade their existing skills in a variety of fields, such as business, technology, and healthcare. Entrepreneurship Programs: These programs support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs by providing them with the training, resources, and mentorship they need to start and grow their businesses. Employment Programs: These programs help Bahraini citizens and residents find jobs in the private sector by providing them with job search assistance, interview coaching, and other resources.


Tamkeen's enterprise support programs are designed to help Bahraini businesses grow, transform, and innovate. Some of the programs offered include: Business Development Programs: These programs provide businesses with the training, resources, and mentorship they need to develop their business plans, expand their operations, and enter new markets. Technology Adoption Programs: These programs help businesses to adopt new technologies and to improve their efficiency and productivity. Innovation Support Programs: These programs support businesses to develop and commercialize new products and services.


In addition to its individual and enterprise support programs, Tamkeen also partners with a variety of government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses to develop and implement initiatives that promote economic growth and job creation.

Tamkeen Success Stories

Tamkeen has supported a wide range of successful individuals and businesses in Bahrain. Here are a few examples:

  • ASPIRE is a Bahraini company that specializes in providing innovative educational solutions. Aspire has received support from Tamkeen to develop its training programs and to expand its operations into new markets.


  • FINTECH BAY is a Bahrain-based fintech hub that provides startups with the resources and support they need to succeed. Tamkeen has partnered with Fintech Bay to develop a number of programs that support the growth of the fintech sector in Bahrain.


  • BIPA is a government-owned training and consulting company. Tamkeen has partnered with BIPA to develop a number of programs that train Bahraini citizens and residents in the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.


What You Get

If you’re willing to boost and grow your business, be it getting more customers or making more sales, Tamkeen is a brand that you would definitely want to go for. Here are the best offerings that you can apply for through Tamkeen.

Tamkeen is a key player in the Bahraini economy. By supporting individuals and businesses, Tamkeen is helping to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for Bahrain.